Terms and Conditions

  1. Acceptance

    1.1. These terms contain your entire agreement with RSVP London, except where separate or additional terms have been expressly agreed with you and confirmed in writing.
    1.2. Acceptance of our quotation or the placing of an order or the payment of monies pursuant to our quotation or instructions to proceed with work shall constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions.
    1.3. These terms constitute a legally binding contract.
    1.4. Once an order has been placed, or you have otherwise been accepted these terms, then these terms may only be varied by express agreement with us, at our sole discretion, and only in writing.

  2. Payment

    2.1. Once you have accepted our quotation, we will require 50% of the monies to be paid prior to work commencing. This is a non-refundable deposit. The remaining 50% will be due your project going into production. These are our usual payment terms; however, if you ask us to complete your order within 2 weeks of requiring delivery, or if we consider it expedient for any other reason, we may request payment in full prior to commencing work, and such payment will be a non-refundable deposit.
    2.2. If any other payment terms are applicable to your order, such payment terms will be detailed on our quotation to you.
    2.3. Payment will be deemed to have been made once cleared funds have been received by us; only once cleared funds have been received by us can we begin work on your order, or send your order to production, as the case may be.
    2.4. All monies paid are non-refundable.

  3. Timeframes

    3.1. We cannot ever guarantee to complete or deliver your order by a specific date, or to meet any deadline you may have with third parties (for example, if you are an events company working to a deadline for your own client, or are otherwise instructing us with a view to preparing an order which will be passed to any client or other third party).
    3.2. If you inform us in advance of placing an order, or otherwise accepting these terms, that you wish to have your order completed and delivered to you by a specific date, then we will do our best to accommodate such a request if this is possible, and if such time-frame does not fall prior to any estimated turn-around time that we have given you.
    3.3. In any case, all time frames are dependent upon co-operation from you, satisfactory responses to our enquiries within 24 hours, and our receipt of any images or other required media, forwarded by you to us in good time.
    3.4. We cannot in any case be responsible for delivery to you by any date or deadline which you bring to our attention after you have placed an order or otherwise accepted these terms.

  4. Delivery

    4.1. If we have agreed to deliver your order to you, then we will be happy to utilise any delivery method you specify in advance, at cost price (for example, by Royal Mail, or courier etc).
    4.2. Our obligations to you under this contract will be discharged upon our posting your order, or depositing it with a post-office or courier for delivery to an address of your choice.
    4.3. Under no circumstances can we be held liable for non-delivery or late delivery of your order, once we have so posted or so deposited the same in accordance with your preferred delivery method.
    4.4. When we so post or so deposit you order, your order will be of satisfactory quality. We cannot therefore accept responsibility if your order is in any way damaged during transit to you, once it has been so posted or deposited.

  5. Supplying Text/Wording

    5.1. If you supply us with text or wording to be used as part of your design (i.e. for invitations, or other designs incorporating text) then you are entirely responsible for the accuracy of such text and wording, including but not limited to all spelling, grammar, names, times, dates and punctuation.
    5.2. We will use the wording and text that you have supplied, without alteration.

  6. Supplying artwork

    6.1. If you supply us with any photographs or images to be incorporated into your design, with or without requiring alteration, or you ask us and we agree to attain and utilise such photographs and images from any source, with or without requiring alteration, then you warrant that all such photographs or images may be legally and freely used by us for the purposes of your design, and that there are no legal issues, including relating to copyright or intellectual property rights, that would prevent such photographs or images from being legally and freely used for your design.
    6.2. You agree to indemnify us in full in relation to any claims that are brought against us as a result of such photographs or images being used contrary to the law including, but not limited to, breach of copyright and intellectual property rights.
    6.3 Whilst we may agree to make amendments to supplied images, or to artwork images to your specification, you should be aware that we are a luxury bespoke invitation design service, and not a specialist image-altering, or a professional graphic design service.
    6.4. You will be responsible for providing us with high quality images, suitable to be used for your design.

  7. Proofs

    7.1. If it is possible to do so, we will send you a proof of any art or design-work by email or post, for your approval prior to going to print. There may be a separate charge for this.
    7.2. Due to the bespoke nature of the service, it will not always be possible to send a proof.
    7.3. If a proof is sent, it is entirely your responsibility to thoroughly check the proof for any errors, including errors relating to text/wording as detailed above.
    7.4. We do not accept any liability for any errors not corrected by you, or for any omissions by us not discovered by you upon checking the proof.

  8. Branding

    8.1. We reserve the right to print or display our name on your design.
    8.2.We will not do this if you specifically ask us not to, prior to going to print.

  9. Media

    9.1. We reserve the right to use and display the design we have created for you on our website or in other media such as newspapers and magazines.
    9.2 We may also create and retain physical samples of your design, in order to photograph for such purpose, and to use as samples in our portfolio.
    9.3.However, we understand that discretion is important to many of our clients, and if you would prefer that we remove any trace of your identity from such samples or photographs, then please let us know at any stage, and we will be happy to do so.

  10. Cancellation

    10.1 As detailed in Term 2.4 above, monies paid are non-refundable.
    10.2. In the event of cancellation by you, you remain liable to pay the full balance of any monies payable under the contract.
    10.3. However, if you wish to cancel an order, then we may agree to a partial refund, at our sole discretion.
    10.4. If we do so, then we will consider the amount of time that has been spent on your order prior to the cancellation, and the cost that has already been incurred by us in pursuance of your order. Any time that has been spent will be calculated by us at our usual rate of £70 per hour. If the amount you have paid us exceeds the amount of time and cost we have incurred, then we may, at our sole discretion, refund to you the difference.
    10.5. Nothing in this agreement shall be taken as conferring a right to receive a refund, in part or in full.

  11. Liability

    11.1. RSVP London will not be liable for any direct losses resulting from the performance of our obligations under this contract, insofar as they exceed the contract sum.
    11.2. under no circumstances will we be liable for third party claims, or any indirect or consequential losses whatsoever.


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