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When you contact us, you may or may not have an idea of the kind of invitations you would like us to create for you. Quite often, clients have an idea of the “feel” they are looking for, but don’t yet have a firm idea about exactly what they’d like. This is where we come in. We’ll begin by discussing your event with you, any thoughts you may have about your invitations, and we’ll talk about your budget.

If you wish, we will then devise a range of invitation concepts tailored to your event, including sketches, specifications, timescales and costs for each. This will inspire you as to what can be creatively done within your budget.

In most cases, we find that our clients are particularly drawn to one of our ideas, and wish us to proceed straight away to create the invitations. Our service is entirely bespoke however, so our ideas can easily be adapted and combined to create exactly what you’re looking for – for example, you may like different elements from each design, or perhaps, you have some ideas of your own that you’d like to incorporate.

Once you’re absolutely happy with the design of your invitations, we will create them for you – we will always provide you with details of timescales and costs in advance – please see “how much does it cost?”

Much like cost, time depends on the nature of the project.

The fastest invitations to produce are generally those of the simplest design – for example, our bespoke postcards. A minimum of five working days should be allowed for creation, amendments and perfection of your bespoke artwork, and then a further five for any printing that may be necessary. These timescales should be used as a guide only, as timings also depend on our current schedule. Generally speaking, the more time we have to work on a project, the better!

As our service is entirely bespoke, cost depends on the nature of the project. The simplest designs and formats (such as basic postcard style invitations) would ordinarily be expected to cost in the region of £500 (for 50 pieces). Given that our work is entirely bespoke, and unique to your event, we don’t have a price list; how creative we can be, will largely depend on your budget, and the time available.

If you would like us to devise a range of invitation concepts tailored to your event (including sketches, specifications, timescales and costs for each), we usually charge a fixed fee of £150; however, should you then ask us to create your invitations, this cost is deducted from your order.

An important consideration is that the time spent on creating the artwork for your invitations is the same, regardless of whether we are producing one invitation, or one thousand. The total cost of your bespoke invitations is inclusive of all art–working and design time, hand finishing where appropriate, and delivery to you. 

We are able to provide samples of some invitations we have previously created, as well as blank samples of any paper and card proposed for your project.

On occasion, a client may require one printed, finished sample to see exactly how their invitation will look before making a final decision. This involves the creation of finished bespoke artwork, and as such, creation of one finished sample will involve the full art–working costs, and any associated production costs.

In addition, if your invitations involve processes such as die–cutting (a custom die is rendered especially to the specific shape required for your project), then if a finished sample were to be required, the cost of creating the die to your specified shape would have to be charged for.

No. We are often asked to produce one–off pieces for clients to present to their loved ones as gifts; individual invitations to a weekend in Paris, or a flight to somewhere exciting. Whether it‘s one invitation or a thousand, the same love and attention to detail is given to each individual piece.

We are a luxury bespoke design service; we dream up, produce and hand–finish complete invitations. On occasion, we are requested to print existing artwork, created elsewhere. Whilst we are sometimes able to accommodate for existing clients, print–only is not a service we generally offer.

Yes. A full range of bespoke items can be created to correspond with your invitations. Welcome packs, table plans, place cards, menus, thank you cards, songbooks and personalised postage stamps are among the items we have tailor-made for our clients. For hosts flying their guests to the event destination, we have also created in-flight stationery, lunch boxes and personalised luggage tags.

Yes. When the clock is ticking, there may be time to create beautiful artwork, but none for beautiful printing! On these occasions, bespoke artwork can be created for you, and then provided to you as a PDF to send to your guests via email.

Yes! We work with international clients worldwide, and have created invitations for clients and events everywhere, including New York, Paris, Monte Carlo, Necker Island, Miami, Saint Tropez, Provence, Bordeaux, Nice, Dubai, Mallorca, Queensland, Belgrade, Lake Como, Seville, Johannesburg, Stockholm, Courcheval, Mdina, Lake Garda and Rome. Wherever you are, feel free to get in touch!


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